Celebrate Your Next Chapter
Exclusive To You!


I will provide...

  • A professional service, that is fun and bespoke to you

  • A wonderful certificate to mark your special occasion

  • A beautifully presented copy of your ceremony script as a keepsake

  • Unlimited contact from our initial meet to your celebration date

  • Inclusion of one ritual

A little bit more?


If you have an idea in mind of something you would like to include, let’s discuss!


Do either of you need support writing your Vows? You know what you want to say, but not how to say it? No problem at all, it’s my specialty!


Do you have the “bestest” best man, but don’t quite trust his…… “gramma” in front of your Grandma? No problem, provide him with the gift of speech writing support!


Perhaps you have the most beautiful best lady, allow her more scope to support you by freeing up her time with the gift of speech writing.


A particular ritual prop such as fresh flowers? Blooming lovely!


Want to include a military tradition? Not a problem at all!

Would like to include a section to celebrate bringing your blended family together, involve the children? Let’s do it!

Prices start from £50.

Exclusive to you when Celebrating Your Next Chapter! I ensure I only book one wedding a day, you are my sole focus.


Celebrate Your Next Chapter in 2021

Within Hampshire, Dorset and West Sussex

Celebrate Your Next Chapter for £495


Celebrate Your Next Chapter across the rest of the UK and abroad is possible following discussion and agreement regarding further travel and any potential accommodation expenses.


Celebrate Your Next Chapter in 2022


Prices held just for you!  My treat to allow you to Celebrate Your Next Chapter post pandemic without penalty to the both of you.


Remember, if you want to make it legally binding, you will need to have a slot at your local registry office for your marriage or civil partnership to be legally recorded.  If you don’t want to have anything legally binding, then don’t and just enjoy the celebration, no one need know!